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breaking news. the ash cloud hovering over europe may clear enough to let some of the thousands of stranded travelers fly today. but is that toxic ash now heading towards the u.s.? we'll bring you the latest. remembering a tragedy. 15 years ago today, 168 people lost their lives in the oklahoma city bombing, but are we any safer from domestic terror? italian prosecutors push for a life sentence for convicted killer amanda knox. but her parents are fighting back. we'll hear from them about amanda's appeal. and it's man versus octopus as an eight armed bandit grabs a diver's camera. we'll talk to the diver about his underwater battle early this we'll talk to the diver about his underwater battle early this monday morning april 19th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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another week upon us. happy monday. good morning an welcome to "the early show." >> slur going to an beautiful clear day here in new york city. >> no ash in sight. >> although it's starting to trend back in toward canada. did you hear that this morning? we'll get to all of that. let's do it right now, as a matter of fact. it was an awful weekend for millions of travelers around the world stranded by the dangerous cloud of volcanic ash. but today, there is a glimmer of hope. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is in london with the latest. good morning, mark. . >> reporter: good morning. well, hear's something you don't get to do often, stand in the middle of an airplane tarmac among the planes that are still not going anywhere. it's hard to tell by looking, but up there in that clear blue sky, the cloud of volcanic ash is still hovering and for the most part the airways are still
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closed. there have in fact been some airplanes flying in europe, several countries are authorized test flights to evaluate what flying through the ash cloud actually does to jet engines. german engineers said they could not see any damage, not a scratch, they said. but finland's air force released photo prs one their flights showing they said the damage to engine parts caused by the ash. just what level of ash in the air is safe to fly through is at the center of the current argument. an argument they had while tense of thousands of passengers are still stranded all over europe and trying to get to and from europe. more than 6 million people may be affected one way or another worldwide. >> i'm a stunt, i don't have that much money, so i hope i don't have to stay here for a long time. >> reporter: and the airlines are now putting pressure on government agencies to determine exactly where the ash cloud is and what its real effects on airplanes are. >> the airlines started to do those tests and it came out in
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many cases a concentration of ash was zero or very limited. >> reporter: in the meantime, the british are discovering they're an island nation once more. small bets have been bringing people back from france and now the government is planning to send navy ships to europe to pick up people stuck there. and they may be stuck there a while longer. nato reports that several of its jets which flew through the ash cloud did report engine damage. reports from iceland meanwhile say that the volcano there may be spewing out at a lower altitude. we'll have to see what effect that has. >> the most unusual thing but standing h h on the tarmac is t the silence. mark phillips in london. thank you very much. also there is peter greenberg who has been stranded since last thursday. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry.
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>> let's keep talking and maybe in the meantime we'll get you a microphone that works. the question is, is there not sort of a push back that started to happen? you can just hold it. it's all right. there you go. much better. let's try it again. it's not working. here's the question of the morning. is there not a significant push back from the airlines, especially klm, the british airways, back against these governments to say we want to fly, we're not certain the directives you're giving us are worth anything? >> reporter: this is the clash of the titans between government policy and economic impact. you've heard the reports about $200 million a day that the airlines are losing. that's nothing compared to the air cargo situation. that's nothing compared to shipments that are not getting in. and when he cut off those supply line, it multiplies
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exponentially, so, yes, that pressure is mounting by the hour. >> let's play best skcase scenario. assume travel starts again tomorrow. if i have a reservation next week, will it be valid? >> reporter: well, if you have a reservation next week, you better hold on on it because you got a shot. if you had a reservation yesterday like i did, you are out of rubbing because you now -- you're now taking the word stand by to a totally newity mention because you'll be standing by for a long time. the earliest i can get out right now is probably sunday or monday. >> now, if anybody could game this system, i'm guessing it would be you. you know all the secret phone numbers and everything else. gaming the system as best you can, what is the one way you can get out of there? >> reporter: i'll give you three. two of them no think lower even exist because other people gamed them ahead of me. number one, they booked passage on the queen mary ii. every cabin completely full going to new york and coming back from new york with people who are stuck there trying to
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get back to london. the secretary ones americans are chartering buses to actually drive 18 hours to madrid hoping because it's so much further south they can fly out of that. the third way to do it is not the pleasant way. i actually tried to get a reservation tomorrow. do you know what the fare was? $5800 for a one way ticket. >> wow. peter greenberg, good luck. talk to you again i'm sure. >> reporter: i'll be here until sunday. joining uses now from new finland, canada, is a correspondent for the cbc. we're hearing here that the ash may be making its way to north america. >> reporter: that's exactly what we're hearing. departure flights on all airlines have been canceled. we're told it this is a recautionary measure because that volcanic ash from ice land is moving westward towards new in-fand here and we're told by
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airport officials that that volcanic ash, there's a 30% chance it will make it here by later on this afternoon and already inside there are a hoft passengers scrambling. some are being told they man iable to leave this afternoon, 2000 many it's canceled. even last night, it was the canadian music awards here, a big night. a-list start stars here. they were all scrambling to get the last flights out.start star. they were all scrambling to get the last flights out. >> is the air space officially closeded? >> reporter: right now it is a precautionary measure. everybody is tracking the volcanic ash and at h this point the airlines did this measure as a precautionary measure and they're taking it hour by hour. we are told that later on this afternoon if the ash does move into our air space then these caps lagss will continue. but as for right now, it's all a
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precautionary measure. >> melanie, thank you. the international air trance sport association estimates that the economic impact on airlines from this toxic cloud could be greater than the attacks of 9/11. rebecca jarvis is here with the numbers for us. good morning. >> good morning. >> such a huge financial blow not only to and i remembers, but to passengers. let's talk about them first. are airlines refunding them their air pair afare and what a hotel, any chances passengers would be reemburimbursed for th? >> you'll get your airfare reimbursed, bull all tt the cose hotel, food, will not be covered. and on top of that, if you had a travel insurance policy, this is considered an agent ct of god. >> and what about things like peert said, finding additional modes of transportation. >> if you want to find the
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alternative, there's no way that's going to be covered either. >> this is the last thing that the ailing airline industry needed. how big a hit are they taking here? >> peter mentioned $200 million a day that the airlines are losing overall, but that's a conservative estimate. and many are considering the fact that we might see at least at this point $2 billion in losses, not per day, but up to this point. and if the problem continues, it's going to build and build. >> exactly. but no one knows how long this will go on. are we seeing ripple effects? >> if you happen to drive a car service or you run trains or ferry, you're seeing a major uptick in business. here in the united states, we're seeing teleconferencing going up because there are folks who couldn't make it out on flights so they're doing teleconferencing instead. there's also a number of things that we import from overseas from swiss chocolates to expot
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ic flowerers, and they're not coming in. salmon prices are going up 25% to 30% because iceland is holding out on their salmon and instead we're getting it from the u.s. and canada and they're jacking up prices as a result. >> we want our salmon back. rebecca, thank you so much. 9:02 a.m., 15 years ago go today. that's when a blast ripped through the federal building in oklahoma city killing 168 people. survivors and family members will attend a memorial today. the bombing was the deadliest domestic error attack in u.s. history. but are we any safer some b? bob orr has more. >> reporter: in the 15 years since the oklahoma city bombing, we have seen other attacks by domestic extremists. the shootings at ft. hood last fall, the crash in february of a small plane into an irs building just two examples. but we have to say the ghes it tick incidents have been largely
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overshadowed by the threat from al qaeda. now with home grown radicalism on the rise, security experts warn we need to better secure the home front. survivors. oklahoma city bombing even 15 years later, the wounds are still fresh. >> it seems like some weeks i cry every day. and then sometimes you can go for a month and not cry. >> reporter: that day, april 19th, 1995, changed everything for the families of the 168 killed and the 600 plus survivors. and it changed the way all of us live, glass barriers now surrounds many offices and federal blgs, security forces routinely patrol train stations and airports. but we remain vulnerable. >> timothy mcveigh drove a rental truck up to the murrah building and debt naded that bomb which was made of homemade components. you can still did that tomorrow. >> reporter: a cbs news poll
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found that nearly 40% of americans now believe domestic terrorism is a bigger threat than international terrorism. a marked increase from the fears triggered by 9/11. the militia movement is once again energized. bill clinton, president at the time of the oklahoma city attack, says today's rhetoric reminds him of 1995. >> i realized that there were a lot of parallels between the early '90s and how both in the feeling of economic dislocation and the level of uncertainty people felt. >> reporter: survivors and family members of those who died in the bombing are gathering at the blast site to commemorate the university and to make a larger points that we all have to remain vinlg lants. >> what do your sources tell you about the threat of domestic terrorism? >> reporter: it's about the same they think as it is from trans national terrorists, but the big problem, the lone wolf who can
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reach across and touch real al qaeda groups. the zazi the poster boy for the threat. and now let's go to the news defg. toyota is expected to agree this morning to pay the largest ever automaker fine over safety laws. the $1.6 million penalty is for a four month gla reporting defective gas pedals that led to sudden acceleration. the agreement does not require an admission of wrongdoing which could help the company defend itself against lawsuits. more fines are possible as the investigation continues. republicans are pushing hard against white house efforts for financial reform, but fraud charges against goldman sachs may give the obama administration the edge it needs. cbs news chief white house correspondent chip reid has the latest for us. >> reporter: over the next few weeks, president obama will take
7:14 am
his case for wall street reform on the road arguing that the american people immediate to be protected from the big banks. >> every day we don't act, the same system that led to bailouts remains in place. with the exact same loopholes and liabilities. >> reporter: democrats had planned to bring financial reform legislation to the floor this week, but this a possible setback, republicans say they have the boat votes to stop the current bill, so a vote may not be delayed. >> what we ought to do is get back to the table and have a bipartisan bill which is what we don't have at the moment. >> reporter: the political fight comes just as goldman sachs faces an sec lawsuit accusing the firm of fraud, accusations that could give financial reform a boost according to forbes editor neil weinberg. >> one of the purposes here is to enact financial reform and to the extent that president obama and his securities and exchange commission paint wall street as in need of oversight obviously there's a great political value here regardless of how the
7:15 am
lawsuit ultimately plays out. >> reporter: the president says his financial reform bill will make sure that taxpayers never again get stuck with the bill for bailing out wall street. betty? >> chip reid at the white house. thank you. weather postponed this morning's scheduled return of the space shuttle "discovery." rain and low clouds at the kennedy space somewhere forced nasa to waive off this morning's first attended landing. point dexter plans to fly "discovery" on a rare cross-country approach. they'll have another chance to land a little bit later this morning. let's see about dave has some good news about that landing. >> not great news. we'll see stormy weather throughout florida for a fair amount of the day. thunder showers, we could see locally heavy down pours. i don't think it looks optimal, but it is going to be a
7:16 am
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just about 17 past the hour right now. we'll send it over to you, harry and maggie. coming up, a surprise move by prosecutors in italy could mean an even longer sentence, life in prison forks a man came knox. we'll talk to one of her lawyers. also, if you're a struggling homeowner, we'll show you how to protect yourself from foreclosure scams. you've heard of armed bandits, but what about eight armed bandits? we'll have an exclusive interview with the diver who battled an octopus in the deep. a grand theft octo. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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you probably all know there is a 22-year-old american woman sitting in an it it willian prison serving 26 years for the murder of her roommate. amanda knox. her attorneys were all set to launch this appeal and they felt pretty good about it, but now the prosecution has made a bold move that could spell big trouble for amanda and we'll be speaking exclusively with one of her lawyers ahead this morning. it's coming up on "the early show" on cbs. . >> announcer: this portion of the early show sponsored by walmart. save money, live better. walmart. ♪ what if one little pop
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in the country whose homes are under water, the mortgages are worth more than the house itself. now there's this whole thing with mort it gamg relief scams. really dangerous stuff. well tell you whaha here's tim williams with first warning weather. well, it started out chilly and mostly, 40 degrees. >> a good bit of sunshine tomorrow. 68 degrees and other night low low --
7:26 am
six minutes with a speed of 34 miles per hour. and 95 southbound slow to 8 minutes with an average speed of 13 miles per hour. 34 miles per hour on the westside and outer lupe there, 37 miles per hour on the northwest side. there's a look at the delay. 295 also slow between the beltway and this is brought to you by value city furniture. you can always purchase high quality furniture at low prices. >> learn more at their website. a student is accused of shooting two fellow students and killing them over the weekend and gigi barnett has the latest. well, a fight at a party leads to deadly gun fire. the police say that a 21-year- old shot two others with a
7:27 am
shotgun after they confronted them at his house early sunday morning. he was accused of assaulting a woman that night and now, the 20-year-old is dead and a 21- year-old is seriously wounded. both of them played for frostburg's basketball team and hall is held without bond. don, back to you. the police are calling the death of a 2-year-old girl over the weekend a homicide. the father found her in the bathroom on the floor. he admitted he beat the girl with a belt to discipline her and he's charged with her murder. gearing up for a fight, governor o'malley is going to announce his reelection campaign. he'll kick it off in baltimore on april 27th. and he'll square off against
7:28 am
boubou -- bob ehrlich.h.,,,,,,,, [wind rustling]
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♪ best person on "american idol" ever. >> carrie underwood.american such a good job last night, too. >> performing live at the academy of country music awards last night where she made history. she's the first woman ever to win entertainer of the year twice. >> consecutively. >> we'll have more on carrie and lady antebellum and a lot of other folks here in a little while. also ahead this morning, a warning for consumers. scam artists preying on families
7:31 am
about to lose their homes. more than 900,000 households have gotten a foreclosure notice this year alone. remember, the year is not too old. our financial guru rebecca jarvis has advice on how to protect yourself from these scams and keep your home. but first at 7:30, the battle over the murder conviction of amanda knox in italy has jumped in to high gear. she's the american college student who was found guilty of killing her roommate. betty nguyen is here now with the latest. well, prosecutors are push to go have amanda's jail sentence extended while her family continues to fight to set her free. >> reporter: the italian prosecutor in the amanda knox case filed a notice late last week asking to extend her sentence from 26 years in prison to life. in their formal appeal, prosecutors cited her, quote, lack of remorse. >> that's ridiculous. first of all, amanda showed a lot of devastation over the loss of her friend, with you, you
7:32 am
know, you don't apologize for something you didn't do. >> reporter: now knox's attorneys are firing back, filing their appeal. a 201 page document that attacks her conviction on three key points. her long initial ib in-tear gags by police when knox says she was forced to confess, what they call the prosecutor's contradictioner to evidence, as well as what they claim to be shaky dna evidence used to convict her. her family says knox is trying to stay positive. >> she's hanging in there. it's always better for her when things are moving. and it feels like this is, you know, the process is going forward. so that she'll get out. >> reporter: last month judges and jurors outlined their reasons for the verdict in the case. they said knox did not plan the murder of her british roommate but took part in the killing and the coverup. an appeal could reopen the entire case. >> we're looking forward to having that opportunity to take place over there so that she can really be tried and the evidence
7:33 am
really looked at. and i think when they do that, they'll find she's innocent and we'll get to bring her home. >> both sides will now have to present their evidence before an appeals court, exceptionally a retrial of the key evidence in this case. maggie in. >> thank you, betty. joining us now from pifl is the american attorney for amanda knox, ted simon. good morning. in this appeals trial, you're asking for amanda to be released from prison all together, for the conviction to be overturned and the prosecution is asking for her to serve even more time. are you afraid that this could backfire on you and amanda could be worse off than she is right n now? >> no, we think not. you've been following the case as so many people have. and it's absolutely clear that there is no forensic evidence of any sort of amanda mox in the room where meredith kercher was killed. and given the fact this was a
7:34 am
violence murder, one would think there would have to be. so we think there's a complete absence of physical evidence. >> the jury in amanda's case said that they believed the forensic evidence was key to her conviction and you've already had a request to have third part i review that evidence denied. what makes you think that this jury will see it any differently? >> well, we believe, foegs, t f, the dna issue, many people have come to believe that conventional dna testing will convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent and we believe that, as well. however, most of the public is unaware that the type of testing that was employed in this case was very controversial and it was an unreliable test known as low copy number or low template number. this is not recognized as being truly reliable and is subject town reliable results. so we have consulted some of the world's leading experts that would say this and we believe
7:35 am
this is simply unreliable testing yielding unreliable results. >> i know it's while before this appeals trial getting under way, but if it fails, is it over for amanda? >> no, it's not over. we're encouraged by this appeal because in italy, unlike the united states, there's a broader review than there is in the u.s. and not only the legal issues, but the factual issues can be revisited. we're hopeful that this appeal will be recognized as meritorious, but in any event, she has a further appeal to the supreme court. >> ted simon, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> it is now 7:35. time for another check of the weather. >> what do you want to know? advice is free today. >> any ash coming our way? >> maybe after the show. i don't know. i'll have to go out and look up at the skies, maggie. let's see
7:36 am
7:37 am
that's a quick look at your weather picture. folks, back t to the news desk. up next, huge numbers of americans still at risk of losing their homes and being victimized by scam artists pl we'll tell you what you need to know when we come back. you're watching "the early show." ♪
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in this morning's "moneywatch," home foreclosures. a into report says there was a record number in the first quarter of this year. the foreclosure rate surged 35% over the last year. one in every 138 homes received a notice. and as always, scam artists are ready to take advantage of vulnerable people. rebecca jarvis is here with ways to protect yourself. good morning. >> good morning. >> so this are these foreclosure
7:41 am
relief scams spreading like wildfire. >> they are. people preying on innocent individuals whose homes are for foreclosure. they caught the average person caught up in them 3 odd, but they can also cost h. cost you your entire home. in nevada alone, the government is looking into 167 companiesco your entire home. in nevada alone, the government is looking into 167 companiesco your entire home. in nevada alone, the government is looking into 167 companies that have these issues. >> let's talk about some of the different kinds of scams. one of them is called the phantom help scam. >> that's where a specialist will call you up and tell you if you pay them a lot of money, some outrage us level of fee, they'll help you out by filling out paperwork. the reality is you can do this paperwork yourself and they're not adding any value. they're just collecting the fee. >> and the bailout or rent to oem scam. >> they'll convince you to sign the deed of your home over and if return, they'll telling you that you'll pay rent and essentially eventually own the home. which is not the case.
7:42 am
it will not happen. they will own your home. >> here's another one, bait and switch, which has been used in all kinds of scams. but explain it again. sxr you have to watch out for h one. they will tell you that you're signing documents to get yourself up to speed on your mortgage payments. instead you're signing the deed of your home over. they will own it and in most cases you won't even know that you've been scammed until you're evicted. >> if you're vulnerable in the first place and you're looking for ways out, what are the red flags you should be absolutely aware of? >> a company that calls itself a mortgage resultant in many cases is a scam artist. also if they're advertising with flyers or coming door to door, many of these companies are looking at who is foreclosed and they come and prey on the very individuals who need help the most. also, if they ask you for an up front payment that sounds like an outrageous amount of money or even an upfront payment of any money, be wary. on top of that, you also want to make sure that anyone who tells
7:43 am
you who makes payments to them, that you watch out for them. and lastly, do not transfer your deed. this is the worst of all. >> if you feel like you've been victimized or know somebody is trying to get your money, what's your recourse? >> the we best thing you want to is file a police report. they have listses of these individuals and they can update those lists with your information. you also want to contact the attorney general's office and call your lender. get information directly from the horse's mouth so to speak. >> rebecca jarvis, thank you as always. up next, it was lady's night at the cad might have country music awards. we'll have all of last night's big up withers when we come back. hello, gorgeous! at cvs/pharmacy, you get a surprise as soon as you walk in the door. just go to the extra care coupon center [beep] and scan your card. then you print your coupons,
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indoors and outdoors. ♪ now he can run wild... with the rest of the pack. with children's zyrtec®, he can love the air®. and now try children's zyrtec® perfect measure®. a premeasured spoon. just twist squeeze and go™. welcome back to "the early show." country music was king in vegas last night as the academy of country music awards honored
7:47 am
both traditional country stars and new crossover artists. tara mergener has all the big winners. ♪ >> reporter: it was lady's night at the 45th annual cad might have country music awards. lady antebellum was nominated in seven categories and took home five awards, including top vocal group, song of the year, and single of the year for "need you now." >> this moment is not lost in our eyes. we're living our dream. >> reporter: 27-year-old miranda lambert also scored big as top female vocalist and her second album of the year. ♪ >> reporter: former "american idol" winner carrie underwood make acm history becoming the first woman to win entertainer of the year twice. ♪ >> reporter: brooks & dunn retiring after a summer farewell
7:48 am
tour won best vocal duo for the 10th time in their career and they may be rethinking retirement. >> we're currently in therapy with brett favre trying to figure out how to waffle on this. >> reporter: the night also marked the first music awards ceremony in the past year to shut out taylor swift. but the 20-year-old still managed to bring the crowd to its feet with her performance. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> and taylor swift also won big on the red carpet, actually it was orange. radar online named her best dressed. it's embroidered in leaves. i don't know how you manage to look sexy and angelic all at once. >> she does it every time. >> she really does. >> on the opposite he saend, we hearing criticism for what carrie underwood had on.
7:49 am
it's a pail pink one shoulder little mini. i don't think it looks that bad. >> i don't think it's bad at all. >> some folks saying it wasn't awful, but it wasn't awe inspiring. >> she's beautiful. first of all, she's beautiful, she's talented. a great night. >>. >> and i really enjoyed the show. intere >> a lot of energy.nd i really show. >> a lot of energy.>> and i rea show. >> a lot of energy. and i reall show. >> a lot of energy. and i reall show. >> a lot of energy. >> miranda lambert is like the perfect couple. they seemed to be anyway. we'll be back with the klepto octo. subway now has...
7:50 am
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7:56 am
we'll have the five-day forecast looking at rain on wednesday and saturday. now, for a look at the roads, we'll send it to sharon gibala. >> hi, tim, well, the roads have gotten busy, one of the departments on the topside of the beltway, that was on the outer lupe on the shoulder and the other at security boulevard and a crash at 795 southbound between the beltway and another one in the city, that's at west 27th and one at ellicott city. in, and that's at st. john's lane. watch for possible lane closiers between the lane and edenwood's lane. 70 eastbound, still slow and five minutes to marriottsville road and delays between whitemarsh and 895 and there's a look at the speeds. there's a look at 295. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. call for more information.
7:57 am
a glen burnie student is accused of shooting two students and killing one of them. gigi barnett has the story. >> reporter: a fight at a party leads to deadly gun fire. a 21-year-old shot two others with a shotgun after they confronted him at his house early sunday morning. the students accused him of assaulting a young woman at a party earlier that night and now, he's dead and a 21-year- old is seriously wounded. meanwhile, he's being held without bond. back to you on tv hill mr. foreman weeks after bob ehrlich announces he'll run ago. governor o'malley is announcing his reelection bid. he'll kick off the bid on april 27th and he'll head across the state campaigning. stay with wjz-13 m m (announcer) the art of getting dirty the art of getting clean
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welcome back to the early show, everybody. fantastic crowd at 8:00 this monday morning. hi, everybody, welcome. and these lovely ladies supporting cornville, elementary school, which is where? >> in central maine. >> dave will chat with them ahead. but coming up, having a stroke can lead to long term disability or death, but most people who have minor strokes are not even aware about what's happening and about a third of them delay getting medical attention. we'll talk about the symptoms and what you should be looking out for with our dr. jennifer
8:01 am
ashton. plus we all know what a one armed bandit is, right? well, how about one with eight arms. this guy is down doing his scuba thing with his camera. octopus comes over, steals his camera. >> it's a great picture. >> an then d then he gets it ba. >> i would have thrown him the camera and run. i would not have allowed the octopus to come near me. we'll have that and a whole lot more. first let go inside to betty nguyen at the news desk. good morning. there are limited airline operations in europe this morning, but for the most part, airplanes remain grounlded due to that volcanic ash cloud from ice land. this morning the cloud may be headed towards newfoundland, canada. less than a third of the scheduled flights are taking off today, but most of europe's airports remain closed.
8:02 am
millions are stranded. the royal navy is picking up stranded citizens. mark phillips is in london with more. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning. well, from the beginning, h h stories has been about ash and it still is. several of the european governments have sent up flights trying to determine how much ash is expenkded in a clear blue sky over london at least right now and to determine what levels of concentration of ash might be safe to fly through. some of those planes have come back reporting damage, some not. if there's a glimmer of hope in this, it's coming from iceland where authority there is say that the volcanic activity which has spewed all h ash is, in fact, diminishing a little. the cloud going to it a lower altitude than previously. more lava, less dust. whatever effect that has, we'll have to see, but there will an lag of a few days for the dust that's already in the air to get
8:03 am
here. >> cbs' mark phillips in honest done for us. thank you. despite the fact that the volcanic ash kept many leaders from attending, a lavish state funeral was held yesterday for polish presented lech kaczynski and his wife. tens of thousands of mourners lined the streets. the first couple was buried in krakow. the death toll from the earthquake in china has jumped to over 1900. meanwhile a dramatic rescue this morning. a woman and a four-year-old girl were pulled from the rubble five days after the quake. relatives kept them alive by sending pood through gaps in the today pre-. >> it was five years ago that john rit zinger was elected pope. pope benedict is pack at the vatican this morning after a pilgrimage this weekend. during his visit, the pope had an emotional meeting with some
8:04 am
victims of sexual abuse by priests. >> he promised he's going to pray for me. he told me i'm grateful you have the courage to show your faith. it was emotional. and i hope this is going to experience to change my life. i hope i can do good to my daughter and say i believe, you know. >> the pope told the victims the church will do everything possible to protect children and bring abusive priests to justice. katie couric has a preview of tonight's skrbs evening news. >> we want our children to do well this school, but what about in life? well deal you how a mash mellow test could predict their chances of success. that's this week only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." now here's dave with another check of the weather on this monday morning. >> nice to see you.
8:05 am
so if you don't want cable and you don't want direct tv, just do what these lovely women from central maine have done. and you get all the channnn
8:06 am
we don't have rain in the forecast for the next two days and wednesday, we'll have showers moving in. right now, we'll have a nice day shaping up and temperatures going up to 65 degrees and mostly sunny and overnight lows into the 40s and out lying suburbs to the north and west in the 30s and 68 on tuesday with sunny and nice conditions in place and comfortable and 68 on wednesday with a chance of showers moving through by the afternoon. >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by mercedes-benz. experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. that's a quick look at your weather picture.
8:07 am
newton, massachusetts, hebrew high school here with us. thank you so much for coming. that's a quick look at your weather picture. harry? a san francisco man living in new zealand was trying out his new digital camera under water when he came across an apparently klepto maniac october toe pus with an interest in photography. it grabbed the camera which cast an arm and a leg and continued taping as you can see. joining us now exclusively from wellington, new zealand is videography and undersea explorer victor huang. good morning, victor. >> good morning.huang. or i should say good night because it's midnight for us here. >> there you go. so you're scuba diving. you have this spectacular new camera. what dunk it was about the camera that caught the interest of the octopus? >> you know, i'm not sure.
8:08 am
i think the camera itself is sort of bright blue and metallic and shiny. and i think it just saw something a bit different and unique and wanted to collect it for sort of its little gypsy collection. >> there you are, you're looking in there with your camera, and then, woah! how freaked out were you? >> i was it actually initially freaked out because i wasn't scuba diving, i was free diving. so i was sort of three meters under the water on a breath hold and just out of nowhere the octopus dashes out of the sea. he grabs a hold of me. and at first i was a bit worried for myself, but sort of just looked at my hands and noticed that the octopus was sort of prying my fingers open and grabbing hold of the camera. yeah, sure enough, as soon as it got it, it swam away really quickly and i started chasing after it. >> that's nuts. so did you go back up to the
8:09 am
surface then to get air and then go back down again? >> that's right, yes. i was chasing it while it was on the surface with my snork he will looking down below as it was swimming away. and in the online video, you can't see it, but it's actually a five minute chase. i'm sort of swimming after it full swede for about five minutes and then the octopus sort of slows down and i think it went from swimming away mode to stealth modes. and it swims down into the rocks and tries to camouflage itself and that's where i see my chance to go down towards it and try to lift it up with my spear gun. it kind of attached itself and i saw the camera underneath its body, so i reached in his mouth and grabbed it. >> the beak on an octopus can like crack open rocks. >> yeah. >> and you're going to put your hand in there to get this camera? second thoughtses? >> yeah, well, you know, i figured that that camera must have had some amazing footage,
8:10 am
so i kind of took that risk and just went for it. >> the footage is amazing. it is very impressive to see. but if you had -- here's the other question. how big is this thing? >> i'd say if i took it out of the water it would probably be about sort of at my shoulder level with its leg just touching the ground. so quite big. and, of course, everything understand water looks a lot bigger with a mask on. so it looked pretty massive. >> very cool pictures. dave has a question. >> why didn't you just call the poli police? >> very good. all right. hey, victor -- >> honestly, during the entire ordeal with the exception of the first three or four seconds, after that, i honestly felt completely safe with the
8:11 am
octopus. through the whole ordeal, i felt it only cared about the camera and it just wanted to hang out and have a play. if i didn't have to get into work at 9:00 a.m., i would have stayed out with it for hours just to sort of hang out with it. it seemed like it just wanted to hang out. >> they're pen pals now. >> thank you so much. very cool pictures. >> that's all right. >> reading with this, octopus like to collect things. very interesting. >> it height want to take some family photographs for itself. the latest technology, bring it back home. >> and the camera costs 700 bucks. i know your life is worth more, but -- >> i think i would go after it as well. >> i'd be gone. >> inside all of that stuff is the teeth. very nasty stuff. >> but you don't think about that until afterwards. at the moment, you're like just give me my camera back. we'll be back with dr. jennifer ashton and "health watch." don't go away, everybody. you're watching "the early show"
8:12 am
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8:15 am
time for this morning's "health watch." minor strokes that can become major problems. strokes are the third leading cause of death in this country and a new study finds that nearly 70% of the people who have had minor strokes were not even aware that it was happening. our dr. jennifer ashton is here with important advice for all of us. let's start with the basics. what can lead up to a stroke? >> people typically tend to focus on heart attacks because that's the leading cause of death and that's the more glamorous illness or emergency. strokes get a little less attention, less awareness, less public education. so when you talk about the risk factor positive vos for stroke, wakes, but people needs to understand the warning signs of a stroke so that if it happens to them or someone they know, they can act promptly.
8:16 am
you have a three hour time window. so numbness, typically of the face or one side of the body can be a big one this starts suddenly. confusion or disorientation. a change in your vision, a sud one. a loss of balance or uncoordination. or a severe headache and typically we say the worst he had hick eadache of your life. >> this study found 70% of people who had minor strokes didn't realize they were having them. are the warning signs the same? >> they can be. the symptoms or the signs can be very sudden and they can be subtle and then they can get better. so people with denial say i'm okay, it's in the crushin not c pain, so they don't seem medical attention. and that is a big mistake. >> why is it so key if it's a
8:17 am
minor stroke? >> people who have had these minor strokes can be at 30% higher risk of a subsequent major stroke. so you can see it as a heralding or warning sign. the people who have had these tias, one out of three of them will go on to suffer a major stroke in the future. that could be days or months or years in the future, but as soon as you know that you're at risk for having one of these minor strokes and subsequently a major stroke, you need to act aggressively. >> and aren't there some hidden risk factors for women under 55? >> typically we think of older people or elderly as being at high risk, but when you talk about women under the age of 55, certain things will put them at higher risk. for example, women who have had a history of classic migraines, meaning they have visual changes with their eyes and they get a classic migraine can be a ten times more likely the risk of a stroke later in life. women who are on birth control pills can be twice as likely to have a stroke. we're not saying birth control pills are the root of all evil
8:18 am
and there are important reasons to be on them, but, again, it can increase your risk. and women who have certain types of clotting disorderses, which are made worse by smoking, can greatly be at increased risk of stroke. >> what are things that all of us can and should be doing to reduce our risk? >> we've said it before. the things that are good for your heart are good for your brain and vice versa. so when eyou're talking about risk reduction, you want to know your blood pressure. even mild hypertension can increase your risk. and controlling your blood pressure is key. you obviously if you smoke, you want to stop. you want to keep your cholesterol under control if not low, he is officially if you have other risk factors. and, again, you want to exercise. you want to think of it as overall wellness. but we know that people who are in good cardiovascular health are also in good brain and vascular health. >> bears repeating every day if we have to.
8:19 am
dr. jennifer ashton, thank you. coming up next here for us, neil patrick harris. and tomorrow, i'm sorry, i should say that dr. ashton will be back to tackle this topic, are you too sleepy for sex? advice for tired couples. and now no connection to neil patrick harris, he's here for a completely different reason. we won't ask you that question. >> maggie, what in the world? >> sorry. it is early. >> look how my name's spelled.
8:20 am
nature knows just how much water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪
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the thrill of the save. that secret high from stretching a dollar. that little rush in finding what you need for less. and now, it's rollback time at walmart. which means thousands of rollbacks all over the store. it's another way to master your budget. and another great day for the savers. with thousands of great rollbacks it's rollback time. save money. live better. walmart. we're jamming on a monday morning. neil patrick harris is here. he has this amazing documentary that you'll love about service dogs. how do you make time for all this? >> things have been busy this year in a about way. but when you get a good way saying do you want to do
8:22 am
something super cool like this, you don't say no. >> is there singing and dancing? you at the oscars were off the charts. >> thanks. that was great fun. weird. i was like the surprise special guest, you know. >> that was at the last minute, right? >> yeah, it was supposed to an duet with martin short who had to pull out, and we were rehearsing off site and i had to do it at lunchtime and wear hoods and sneak inside doors and two minutes later, it was done. >> i was surprised not see you ts night at the cmas. >> i should be singing. >> when do you that as a performer do you panic and say i don't have enough time to learn all of this and if i mess up -- >> panic is a mind killer especially in a time like that. you have to be on point. even if you're nervous at that time, you're really singing into a tell prompter. so as long as you're well prepared -- >> it's just karaoke.
8:23 am
>> exactly.
8:24 am
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umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. it's a cold day's start out there. traffic hasn't been bad identitier and we'll have more on that after tim williams' first warning weather. welk we're looking at a good bit of sunshine and winds will die down and not as blustery as yesterday. high pressure is moving into the area and bringing in colder temperatures so that the chilly day start is courtesy of the high bringing in the colder air. 65 degrees today, below the average of 66 for this daytime high. 41 tonight and tomorrow, 68 and sunny and nice and a chance of rain for wednesday. we'll send it to share for the
8:26 am
roads. hi, there, well, we have problems on the beltway. an accident on the topside at delainny avenue on the shoulder. and a crash in the city -- and another at ellicott city and st. john's lane and one more at gambles. and edenwood, meantime, the delays still in place and marionsville and 29 and 14 minutes up to there. andthis is brought to you by aldi. back to you, don. a student is accused of shooting two fellow students and killing one. gigi barnett has the story. >> reporter: a fight at a party leads to deadly gun fire.
8:27 am
a 21-year-old shot two others with a shotgun after they confronted him at his house early sunday morning. the students accused him of assaulting a womannerlyier that night and now, a 21-year-old is dead and one is wounded. and hall is held without bond. and thank you, a 22-year- old man is charged with the murder of his 2-year-old daughter. he told the police he found her unresponsive on the floor inside their home and the police say he admitted he beat her to discipline her. he's charged with the murder in the case. this means the end of the health access plan for the uninsured. healthy howard can't exist as it is now, but the plan's creator is going to create it. they passed the federal law and they must add the health care
8:28 am
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8:30 am
it was an expensive suit, and now it's priceless. >> welcome back to "the early show." the single most talented human being on the face of the earth. >> dave price, everybody! >> he's starring in everything, everywhere, at any hour on any network. >> he sings, he acts, he directs. he also narrates a brand new
8:31 am
documentary that i am in love with and so will all of you when you see it. it's about service dogs and how they can change lives. he wrougbrought a chisouple frih him. >> you'll love help. >> and how do you get to carnegie hall in. >> practice, practice, practice. >> very good answer. check out gavin george. he's been practicing but only for a couple years because's not that old. he made his debut last night at carnegie hall and he'll play a little for us. >> he'll catch up with you and he's lnl six. >> how much is too much or too little when it comes to prom dresses? we'll show you different option which is may help the moms and daughters who are shopping and clashes over the big decision. how much skin to show in those dresses. >> i have a daughter now, so i see things in a whole different
8:32 am
light. >> i remember my prom and watching everyone go in and saying have a good time tonight. terrific time in my life. >> oh, dave. >> yeah, i know. guy, why don't you just get comfortable. i'll do the weather. nice to see everybody here again. we've got
8:33 am
8:34 am
that's our look at the weather. maggie, inside to you. among his many credit, neil patrick harris is best known for his role in one of my favorite tv show, "how i met your mother." and he's more recently become the go-to host for award shows. and on top of all of that, neil is also a big dog lover and he narrates a documentary called new a dog's eyes, a look at service dogs and the people whose lives they change. and he's here with butch and carly. >> aren't they amazing? this they come from an organization called canine systems. jennifer arnold is an amazing woman who helps provide kids or people in needcalled canine sys. jennifer arnold is an amazing woman who helps provide kids or people in need with a dog that can help them do simple task, opening door, turning on and off lights, to dealing with
8:35 am
seizures, so it's an amazing story. >> so moving. >> pbs came and asked if i'd narrate it and i said sure. and milk boeb said if do you that, then we can have a bigger announce about it. so here i am and here we are. and it's a great thing. you saw it, right? >> do you know what i loved about it not only am i a maced at what they can help people do physically, but how they transform these people emotionally. that's the aspect. >> it's unbelievable. nd at dogs pick the people. so there's like a 2,000 person waiting list. and the dogs are provided free of charge. and the people get there and learn about the animals and then the animals to each person, hi there, yeah, i know, and choose the people. and to watch these people, these kids who have diseases and are able to have a social networking life and be able to live with relative normalcy, so amazing. >> like jennifer says in the documentary, how a dog can
8:36 am
transform an entire person's life is mind bog lick. and we see that dogs help not only kids, but people of all ages. >> absolutely. >> i know that and you have couple of dogs. you have two? >> i have two dogs, yes. >> have you always been a dog lover? >> fred and watson. i love dogs, love animals. oh, look, there's fred. he's a little terrier. he won't turn a light on to save his life. >> and that's watson? >> that's fred, as well. we're attacking a bunny. that's watson. he was a rescue dog i got from l.a. i don't know what he is, he's a mix. so, yeah, dogs are great. they're good for the spirit and they can do so much for so many people. >> i want to talk about your other job on "how i met your mother." i can't let you go without talking about "how i met your mother." >> all right. >> another legend dearea season. >> a dog is loose. >> you can give us a hunt about what is to come? there we're ending the season
8:37 am
with robin's character dealing with kind of a long term relationship and how she'll do with that and also marshall and lilly may -- they're talking about expanding the family. so we'll see if that ends up -- >> finally happens. >> there may be a part for you in the show. at least your midsection. >> yeah, this is the first time that the ladies on the show haven't been pregnant in real life, right? >> that's true. they're discussing babies. >> that will be great. i also want to talk about "rent." now you're getting to direct it? >> yes, the hollywood bowl is asking knee direct a three night version of it. we have have naes is hutvanessa mimi. i'll a big fan of "rent." i got do another one of
8:38 am
jonathan's shows. heprematurely. it's a great show. one of the stars is supposed to be a 19-year-old s and m dancer essentially. so i thought vanessa would be a good fit for that because she's age appropriate, she's only 21, and she came in, sang, had the vocal chops for it and i think she'll be great. will push a few buttons for her as an ak investigation, but that will be great to watch. we're finishing the contacting this we casting this week and, yeah, directing. >> mr. director, mr. actor and mr. nature tore. >> please watch the show on wednesday. >> how"how i met your mother" in tonight as cbs and then documentary "through a dog's eyes" on wednesday at 8:00, 7:00 central on pbs. and now here's harry. >> announcer: this this portion of "the early show" sponsored by campbell's tomato soup now with
8:39 am
less salt thanks to adding a special sea salt. there was a big recital at carnegie hall last night. it featured some amazing young performers from around the world, including a 6-year-old from grandville, ohio. gavin george has been playing piano since he was all of three years old. and he's also won several awards and last night he wowed the audience with mendelson's venetian gondola song number 2. ♪ fr and gafvin george and his mo are here with us this morning. congratulations. >> thanks. >> i'm going come down here and have a chat with you if you don't mind. so you're playing at carnegie hall last night. were you excited or were you nervous? >> i was excited. >> you were excited. >> yeah. >> you were not nervous at all?
8:40 am
>> maybe a tiny bit before, but after, it was just me and the piano. >> so why did you start playing the piano as opposed to likt violin or the clarinet? >> we were given a piano. may i help out with that? >> have a seat, mom. so when did you know that he was going to be a pianoist? >> i knew he had a very strong aptitude for music at about the age 2 1/2. >> are you a musician? >> absolutely not. nor my husband. >> i love that. so he realize he had an aptitude for music about about. >> he had a passion for it. he wanted to hear music all the time. so i found out about a program that started youngsterses, the suzuki program, in the three-year-old range and he just took off with that.
8:41 am
>> now, how long a day do you play the piano, do you know? >> probably about a couple hours. >> would you do me a favor? you're almost seven? can i see your top teeth? look at that. oh, that's very impressive. and how was it, mom, that he ended up being chosen to be able to play at carnegie hall? >> we had read about this wonderful organization and i thought, well, we'll just send in several videos and see what they think of him. and it was truly exciting when we heard that he had been awarded a gold medal. >> do you mind playing for us this morning? because we would love to hear you play. this is better than asking question from the goofy old guy. so why don't you go ahead and play for us this morning. >> okay. ♪ ♪
8:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:43 am
♪ >> you're really good. >> thanks. >> you are really, really good. and there's a lot of what you were doing there, the emotion, you can't teach that. wow. so good. give me something. well done, pal. this is gavin, mary, thanks for bringing gavin by. really appreciate it. that was like the best thing that happened today. maggie? thank, harry. this time of year teenaged girls
8:44 am
around the country are busy looking for the perfect prom dress, but many moms think that students are showing way too much skin these days. >> reporter: skin tight, cut outsides, exsupposed back. these prom dresses leave little to the imagination. exactly the problem for moms like laura fagan. >> i don't like things that are too revealing. you're beautiful, you're young. look it. let's face it, we all get old. you don't want to look 35 when you're 17. >> reporter: for laura and her 17-year-old daughter, casey, finding the perfect prom dress that pleases both is no easy task. >> from the side i can see her breasts. >> this is fine, i don't think it's too much. >> i'm a mom. you know that's kind of not okay with me. i don't like -- this is too low and from the side, it's a little too revealing for my tastes.
8:45 am
>> reporter: next up, mom's choice. less cleavage, more coverage. >> i love this. she doesn't have to show everything. >> it looks like a curtain almost, like an old lady's house or something. >> i think it's gorgeous. >> for you, for the for me. >> we do have moms and daughters battling over what's appropriate. normally the daughters win because the mom gets frustrated. >> joining us to discuss how moms can reach a prom dress compromise with their daughters are dr. jennifer hartstein and amy astley who will show us some appropriate picks. let's start with you, dr. hartstein. what do you think a mom and daughter should do do to reach a compromise? >> you have to walk in proposed. you wouldn't go to a bridal shop if you were shopping for a wedding dress without having an idea of what you wanted. look over what you might want and come to some sort of an agreement before you walk in the
8:46 am
store so the argument can happen in your house and not in the store in front of a sale's person. >> your daughter may agree, but when you get there, oh, but mom, i like this one, please, please. you can't give into the pressure. >> you can't. take a breath, walk away. walk out of the store if you have to ultimately you're the one with the credit card. you goat say yes or no at the end of the day, so you want to come up with a plan. >> bottom line, don't pay for the dress if you think it's too risqué. >> don't buy if you don't want her to leave the house in it, absolutely. but we're here to show cool and sexy alternatives. you can steer your daughter towards something that she will love and that you will love that you can both agree on and that's appropriate iffor a school even. >> okay. let's show the first one, it has cuts on the side and an open back. which is a bit much for a young girl. tell me what you have chosen as
8:47 am
the alternative. >> we have shawna wearing a dress that's $178, it gives you the same pop of color, open across the shoulders and arms and it's long. fitted through her hip, but not so skin type with that sat continue fabric that can look va-va-vavoom. it's tasteful but stunning. it's $178. >> teach your daughters now that it's about elegance and grace. >> any dad would be happy to send his daughter out for the evening dressed that way to prom. >> the next one, here's a photograph of a dress that we all agree is definitely too risqué for a prom. it's way too low cut in the front, which you can't see yet. in the back i think it's okay, but that plunging neck line, i don't think so. >> it's okay for 35 maybe, but not necessarily for 15 or 16. >> not my kid.
8:48 am
>> this is $70. you get that print, you get the long. it's fitted very nicely through the body, so it doesn't look like grandma's dress. it has key hole in the back, but tastefully done. so i think a lot of girls will like this and the mom and dad can feel pine about it. it's available at target. again, $70. i saw claire danes wearing the dress this weekend to an event in new york. it's a stunning dress. >> that's a great argument to make with kids. if you saw claire danes wearing it -- >> yes, a hollywood celebrity wearing this dress and it's stunning. she has a beautiful figure but it's fitted. i don't think any girl will feel like she's wearing grand made's dress here. >> and look at who their fashion icons are and see who they might want to emulate and go there, too. >> let's show the next don't photo. again, this is just -- it doesn't look classy, it does not look elegant. >> i think when you have the plunging neck line, the key
8:49 am
hole, the open back, it's too much. >> more like a bathing suit. so here's the alternative. >> this is $88, you get the pop of color, very open through the neck and the shoulders. so it's got a sex appeal to it, but it's tastefully done. it's short and anywheflirty. we access rise ittd it. but age appropriate. >> and one more don't. again a bare mid drif. the alternative is this one. >> i call it the harem dress. this one is $325, you get the gold metallic, the built-in jewels. you don't even have to wear jewelry.
8:50 am
and the back if you lift your pretty hair, it is very sexy and open, but it's not -- the top is appropriately covered. the chest area is covered. we don't have the midriff cut out before so you have the back detail and the leg, but it's an appropriate dress for a young girl to wear. >> these are all very nice. thank you, ladies, so much. and thanks to our beautiful models. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:51 am
8:52 am
so the highlight was gafrn's playing. do you mind just playing us off the air? >> have a great day, everybody. your local news is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪,,,,
8:53 am
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yoplait. it is so good. that, on the list of things kids love, our party pizzas have just passed toy robots. awkward. kids love totino's party pizzas.
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hello again, it's five before 9:00. you can see here, it's still quite breezy and it's make it feel cold. here's tim williams in for mart marty bass. and we've had the breezes over the weekend and it's been chilly at times and today, it's more comfortable and we have 65 degrees and more sunshine. 41 degrees overnight and mainly clear and tomorrow, 70 degrees and sunshine and nice and next five days, much the same as tomorrow. we'll look for a chance of showers and 66 friday and a chance of showers friday and temperatures into the upper 60s.
8:56 am
a student is accused of shooting two students in glen burnie and killing one of them. a fight at a party leads to deadly gun fire and police say that a 21-year-old shot two others with his shotgun after they confronted him sunday morning. the state of the unions accused -- the students accused him of assaulting a woman. now, one is dead and one is wounded. and thank you. >> a 2-year-old is dead and her father is responsible. he found her unresponsive, he said early saturday. he now admitted he beat her with a belt and he's charged with her murder. >> the police are investigating a fatal accident.
8:57 am
a driver hit a tree and they don't know what caused the crash. and governor o'malley is going to formerly announce his election, he'll start it april 27th. that's next week. he'll be up against the former governor, ehrlich. and over 70 employers are going to attend a job fair this morning. the annual event is sponsored by the congressman, cummings. they can interview for jobs an also take advantage of other seminars. it startsality -- at 9:00 and goes into the afternoon. tax season a over and several businesses want you to celebrate.
8:58 am
take advantage of the downtown circulator bus. go to and look for the story. stay with wjz-13, maryland's ne,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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